Dictatorships in 21st century Latin America are increasingly using democracy as a tool to legitimize authority, consolidate power, and repress thei

Somali refugees in Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya do not have rights.

The global rise of personalist ‘strongman’ regimes has transformed the way autocracies use digital media to spread ideologies and influence pub

The events in Tunisia during the 2011 Arab Spring illustrate both the power of information communication technology to help mobilize anti-governmen

The Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtaş and his Kurdish constituency could decide the fate of Turkey, argue researchers Huseyin Tunc and Dr.

As the landmark meeting between American President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un becomes more likely to occur in the next month

When examining the sources of terrorism, analysts rank poverty at the top of the list.

To cope with a lack of functioning national institutions in Libya, foreign governments and multilateral institutions should start coordinating dire

Jewish Israelis no longer risk being the minority as the fertility rate among Palestinians and Israelis in Israel is now equal at 3.1 births per wo

This article suggests an alternative way of reading Article 31(1) of the Refugee Convention on non-penalization of refugees so that asylum claimant

The United States has a consistent Strategic Culture, centered on a sense of exceptionalism, values-driven foreign policy, casualty aversion, as we

Heads of State usually struggle to balance international affairs with domestic needs.