What drives Islamist extremism in the West? What accounts for the so-called Islamic State's ability to recruit from Western democracies?

Disclosing beneficial ownership is one of the few ways to prevent the loss of natural resource revenues and to mitigate—if not prevent—the resource

Since the Republican victory in 2016, pundits and policymakers alike have been enamored with investigating potential collusion between Donald Trump

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, more than 500 million people have access to mobile phones but not to electricity.

While ISIS loses territory, many experts argue that the group is building a “virtual caliphate” online.

A lot of Japan’s women-related issues cannot be solved by legal frameworks or systems alone; they need social and cultural reformation.

With the European Union struck by a number of issues, from increased Russian aggression to an ongoing migrant crisis to lingering economic woes, it

While some blame globalization and unfettered international trade for rising inequality around the world, others fear that protectionism will curb

Even as governments push to implement online authentication for digital transactions, AI threatens to convincingly play the part of a human online.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU jeopardizes the future of the European project. The Journal of International Affairs talked to 

In her last days at the UN, Samantha Power practiced "end times diplomacy" in anticipation of President Trump but Nikki Haley has followed Power's