Dynamics of Global Feminism

Vol. 72, No. 2

Spring / Summer 2019

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Table of Contents

  • Symbiosis of Misogyny and Violent Extremism: New Understandings and Policy Impllications - Pablo Castillo Diaz and Nahla Valji
  • Feminist Foreign Policy: A Fine Line Between "Adding Women" and Pursuing a Feminist Agenda - Victoria Scheyer and Marina Kumskova
  • Global Feminist Collaborations and the Concept of Violence against Women in Politics - Mona Lena Krook
  • Online Misogyny: A Challenge for Digital Feminism? - Kim Barker and Olga Jurasz
  • Maintaining Momentum in Changing Circumstances: Challenges of the Women's Movement in Pakistan - Farida Shaheed
  • Sustainable Transitions to Peace Need Women's Groups and Feminists: Questioning Donor Interventions in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Nela Porobic and Gorona Mlinarevic
  • Economic and Political Gender Gaps and the Rise of Populism: Insights from a Turkush Perspective - Ipek Ilkkaracan