War in Ukraine: The World Responds

Table of Contents

  • The War in Ukraine as a Statebuilding Factor of European Integration 

  • Between NATO and Non-Alignment: How to Understand the "U-Turn" in Finnish Foreign Policy


  • External Shocks or Domestic Pressures: What Led to Germany's Zeitenwende? 

  • The Role of Brazil in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: A Potential Peace Enabler? 

  • Russia's War against Ukraine and the Future of Kazakhstan's Foreign Policy

  • The Ukraine-Russia War and Non-Aligned South Asia: A Steady Walk Amidst Great Power Politics 

Energy and Technology

  • Emerging from the War in Ukraine into a Secure Energy Transition

  • The Folly of Cyber War

  • The Outer Space Dimension of the Ukraine Conflict: Toward a New Paradigm for Orbits as a War Domain?

Society and Culture

  • What Remains Unseen: The Russia-Ukraine War from the Gender Perspective

  • Misconceptions about Ukraine Cloud Western Perceptions in the Russo-Ukraine War

  • Failure to Support: Repercussions of (In)Action on Ukraine

  • Of Fighters and Flags: Combat Sports Grapple with the Russia-Ukraine Conflict


  • "Black Cat in a Dark Room:" Examining the Impact of Russia's Wagner Group in the Central African Republic and Mali

  • Ukraine's Bombed Way to EU Membership

  • The Russia-Ukraine War through the Lens of Strategic Culture: Implications for South Asia

  • Ukraine and the End of the "New World Order"

The Academy

  • "A Story of Grinding Progressive Advances:" Ukrainian Effort and the War

  • Women and War: Gender and Militarism in Wartime Ukraine

  • Toward a European Foreign Policy: The European External Action Service

Reporting and Journalism

  • Reporting on War: The Kyiv Independent

  • An African Vantage on a European War: The Continent

  • The Fallout of Russia's Invasion in the Wide World of Sports: The Guardian

  • Covering the Students Fleeing War and Racism: Global Citizen

Civil Society, NGOs, and International Organizations

  • Multilateral Health Response in Ukraine: WHO

  • Putting into Practice the Geneva Conventions: ICRC

  • Building a Prosperous Ukraine Together: Razom

  • Students in Ukraine and Transnational Solidarity: NoirUnited International

  • The Era of Crisis and Development Deferred: CGD

  • The Russia-Ukraine War: Is Africa the Beautiful Bride?