Video: Seeds of Time Documentary Trailer

Cary Fowler
Sandy McLeod
April 21, 2014
Seeds of Time

The Journal spoke with Cary Fowler, described as an "evangelist for seeds" for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 issue on Global Food Security.

The "Seeds of Time" documentary, directed by Sandy McLeod, provides an in-depth view of Fowler's journey as he seeks a solution for alleviating the crisis facing the world today as eaters become ever more removed from actual food in the global chain.

"Most of us take seeds for granted," Fowler says, "The fate of humankind of resting on these genetic resources."

The film's North American premier took place at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin Texas on 10 March 2014.

For more information on the film and where it is screening, visit the website.