A Quest of Self, Opportunities, and Belonging

Pinay on the Prairies: Filipino Women and Transnational Identities by gender and migration scholar Glenda Tibe Bonifacio offers an intimate, detailed picture of the lives and identities of the Filipino migrant women in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan; told using a feminist approach uniquely attributed to the Filipino women, or what Bonifacio calls “Pinayism.” In her book, Bonifacio attempts to shatter the stereotypical and racialized image of Filipino migrant women, presenting these women to be more than just “nannies” or “domestic workers,” but as individuals with their own complexities and uniqueness. Bonifacio also attempts to fill the gap in academic writing on Filipino migrant women—especially those being told using a feminist approach—in the discourses of migration and labor.

Sonia A. Syafitri
February 01, 2015

A Review of Pinay on the Prairies: Filipino Women and Transnational Identities
By Glenda Tibe Bonifacio
(Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2013), 320 pages