Freedom of Migration: Oxymoron or Paradox?

 Prospects for meaningful immigration reform grow ever more remote on the agenda of the U.S. Congress. $46 billion was earmarked in 2013 for border security, a wastefully ineffectual increase of U.S. national debt.1 Public interest in prioritizing educated tech workers or job-creating investors remains a footnote to an afterthought.2 America: built on freedom of migration? A narrative’s power does not necessarily depend on its truth. What if the problem lies within its relativity and had  at its core not the migration of foreigners, but the immobility and inadaptability of its  own poverty-stricken citizens?

Joanna Caytas
May 01, 2015

A Review of Migration and Freedom: Mobility, Citizenship and Exclusion by Brad K. Blitz (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. 2014), 256 pages