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Authoritarian regimes learned to fear the rise of the internet because it spurred an online community who encouraged information sharing relati

State-sponsored cyber groups have long utilized spear phishing to pierce government networks.

This paper argues that one of the major purposes of a disinformation campaign is to sustain a discursive conflict between users of social netwo

Ongoing research and discussions examine the role of technology—information communication technologies in particular—in conflict, principally f

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool for political engagement and expression.

Major social-media companies profess liberal values like global community and democratic participation as primary incentives motivating the des

The global rise of personalist ‘strongman’ regimes has transformed the way autocracies use digital media to spread ideologies and influence pub

When examining the sources of terrorism, analysts rank poverty at the top of the list.

This article suggests an alternative way of reading Article 31(1) of the Refugee Convention on non-penalization of refugees so that asylum claimant

In the wake of the 2018 Winter Games, Andrew Elliott Cha reflects on North Korea's charm offensive and what the Trump administration must do to for