Organized Crime in a Network Society

Misha Glenny
Ronald Davis
November 30, 2012

The very benefits of the Internet make it susceptible to being used against individuals, organizations, and states. The changing role of organized crime in a networked society demands understanding the risks involved when using new technologies. Misha Glenny, author of McMafia: Journey through the Global Criminal Underworld, explores the transitions and rapid expansion of what he calls the “global shadow economy,” which today accounts for approximately 15 to 20 percent of the world’s GDP.[i] According to Glenny, the great danger of cybercrime is the high risk of potentially affecting a large part of the world that is linked to the web and that finds significant value in its interconnectedness. In this interview, conducted by Ronald Davis of the Journal, Misha Glenny exposes the inherent problems associated with the nature of the Internet with respect to organized crime.

[i] Misha Glenny, McMafia: Journey through the Global Criminal Underworld (New York, NY: Random House Inc., 2009), xviii.