The 2011 global protest cycle, which included the Arab Spring uprising against authoritarian rule, the Chilean Winter protests to end for- profit e

Recognizing the increasing ubiquity of protest in the United States, this article considers why protest has become so central to American politics.

The Thai monarchy, in partnership  with the  powerful  military, has faced an unprecedented challenge from protesters aiming to rein in its uncheck

Egypt, the largest state in the Middle East and North Africa region, has long been distinct since the 1970s for its large informal economy, defined

In this special Feature taken from the upcoming Politics of Protest issue, the Journal speaks with David Archambault II, former t

Following the Coronavirus pandemic related conspiracy theories emerged.

Olympic years have held a salient place in history, for during the celebration of the Olympic Games, participating city states (in the 

There has been constant conflict in the Okinawa Island of Japan regarding the construction of a new U.S. Military Base.

In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly formalized the 19th of August as World Humanitarian Day (WHD), in memory of the 19 August 2003 bomb at

Twenty-one years after Kargil, South Asia once again finds itself at the brink of war.

As post-Brexit Britain seeks to redefine its foreign policy, the country has taken a strong stand to condemn human rights’ violations and reject Ch

Invisibility is no longer a mere trope of fantasy and science fiction; it is a tangible area of research that many companies around the world are p