In the decade following independence, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka all saw ethnic protests as a result of nationalist language


This paper examines the rise of conflicts over the extraction of natural resources in the developing world.


Hong Kong’s 2019–20 Water Movement has two distinctive features, expressed in Cantonese as “no main stage” (leaderless) and “no

Mayada Hassanain is an independent researcher on poverty reduction, economic pluralism, and feminist political economy based in Sudan.

Evan Mawarire is a Zimbabwean pastor and activist.

Assaad Thebian is a communications professional and activist in Lebanon.

The 2011 global protest cycle, which included the Arab Spring uprising against authoritarian rule, the Chilean Winter protests to end for- profit e

Recognizing the increasing ubiquity of protest in the United States, this article considers why protest has become so central to American politics.

The Thai monarchy, in partnership  with the  powerful  military, has faced an unprecedented challenge from protesters aiming to rein in its uncheck