Middle East

The International Criminal Court’s Pre-Trial Chamber will soon decide whether or not to authorize an investigation into war crimes and crimes again

The Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtaş and his Kurdish constituency could decide the fate of Turkey, argue researchers Huseyin Tunc and Dr.

Jewish Israelis no longer risk being the minority as the fertility rate among Palestinians and Israelis in Israel is now equal at 3.1 births per wo

Moments of catastrophe that destroy communities often provide opportunities to rebuild them to be more resilient to preexisting harms.

For almost 20 years, the U.S.

The Trump adminsitration has repeatedly signalled its willingness to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal despite all indicators that Tehran is in complia

The repeated failure of the peace process in Syria underlines how far apart those involved are on reaching a solution.

Devastating attacks rocked Kabul this month, killing over a hundred people and raising concerns over a resurgent Taliban.

The Trump administration's vocal pessimism regarding the Iran deal threatens the legitimacy of the entire nonproliferation regime.

Two years in, there is little evidence to support most concerns that surrounded the Iran Deal – except one.

They are unlikely bedfellows: Sunni Islamists declaring a caliphate across the Middle East, ranchers 

Four of the world’s largest Internet companies pledged to monitor, combat, and prevent terrorists from using their social media platforms to conduc