Algeria is preparing for presidential elections on 12 December in a context of acute political crisis.

The 20th anniversary of the reign of King Moham

Bhaso Ndzendze discusses the scarcity of simplistic hypothesis testing and model-building in studying the relations between China and African state

Law and politics work in a variety of ways across the Somali territories, and differ significantly.

The term “Libya model” has gone from being an example of successful denuclearization in North Africa, to an explicit threat of military action on t

Somali refugees in Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya do not have rights.

The events in Tunisia during the 2011 Arab Spring illustrate both the power of information communication technology to help mobilize anti-governmen

To cope with a lack of functioning national institutions in Libya, foreign governments and multilateral institutions should start coordinating dire

Data openness is a guarantor of government accountability and supports an informed citizenry-- both central to the development of democratic govern

Water scarcity and widespread underdevelopment have bred popular unrest in the Nile Basin.

The important role of young people in building peace and challenging violent extremism is gaining recognition within the international communit