In December 2018, the Journal of International Affairs interviewed

2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first UNISPACE conference where 78 Member States met to discuss the vast potential of space science and

Migration is polarizing societies around the globe and has become one of the most important political cleavages of our times.

This interview first appeared in the Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 67, No. 1 in the Fall of 2013.

Lakhdar Brahimi is the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General and served as the UN Special Envoy in Iraq.

John H.

FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO was President of the Federative Republic of Brazil for two successive mandates from January 1995 to Janu

With a weakened Germany after recent elections, limits on France’s hopes for further European integration, secessionist tensions in Spain, and demo

While some blame globalization and unfettered international trade for rising inequality around the world, others fear that protectionism will curb

Cyber issues are rapidly growing in importance to defense alliances. The Journal of International Affairs talked to Ambassador 

The small Eastern European country of Estonia is widely considered a leader in cybersecurity and e-governance and is also commonly believed to be t

How can the United States prevent a cyber war from breaking out and deter terrorists from targeting the country with cyber weapons?