Editorial Board

Editor in Chief John Sakellariadis
Managing Editor for Print and Editorial Meredith Palermo
Managing Editor for Digital Sherry Kim
Managing Editor for Business and Marketing Sonia Aviv
Senior Strategist Anashya Srinivasan
Senior Editor for Print Eleanor Katz
Senior Editor for Print Michael Woods 
Director of Operations Kyle Staron 
Features Editor Ines Boussebaa
Production Director Sean Nelsen

Board Biographies

John Sakellariadis, Editor in Chief

John is an MIA candidate at SIPA concentrating in International Security Policy and specializing in Technology, Media and Communications. Prior to SIPA, John worked as a Research Assistant at the American Enterprise Institute, where he conducted research on US foreign and defense policy. John has used his time at SIPA to focus on cybersecurity. He will be spending the summer as a threat intelligence intern with a cybersecurity firm in New York City. 


Meredith Palermo, Managing Editor for Print and Editorial 

Meredith is an attorney and Executive MPA student passionate about shaping the integrity of financial and political systems. Her professional goals are to enhance prosecutorial, investigative, and regulatory priorities relating to financial crimes and public corruption, and to further cultivate integrity and transparency in government and private sector institutions. Currently, she works as an investigations and compliance attorney at a government agency where she investigates financial and business integrity concerns, which include but are not limited to procurement fraud, embezzlement, corporate misconduct, false claims, and contract non-compliance. She is a proponent of well-researched and reasoned analyses, and enjoys persuasive writing.


Sherry Kim, Managing Editor for Digital

Sherry is an MPA candidate concentrating in economic policy, specializing in international organizations & UN studies. Her primary academic interests lie in the intersection between trade policy and infrastructure development in emerging economies, particularly in Southeast Asia. Prior to New York, she worked as a policy research fellow in Washington, D.C focusing on a comparative study of both prominent and emerging global cities.


Sonia Aviv, Managing Editor for Business and Marketing

Sonia is currently an MIA student studying Economic Policy and Management. Prior to SIPA, she attained her undergraduate degree in International Relations at Lehigh University. She then spent three years as a Team Leader at a primary research company in New York, working with international institutional investors. 


Anashya Srinivasan, Senior Strategist

Anashya is dedicated to protecting at-risk cultural heritage sites, particularly in the Middle East, through community-based economic solutions. She is an MPA candidate studying international development, humanitarian crises, and project management. After five years as a field archaeologist, Anashya worked in Washington, DC with the Smithsonian Institution and at an NGO investigating the links between antiquities trafficking, ethnic cleansing, and terrorist financing. She is spending the summer based in Turkey building impact assessment and financial models for Sustainable Development Goal-related global historic preservation projects. 


Eleanor Katz, Senior Editor for Print

Eleanor is an MPA in Development Practice candidate focusing on human rights. Before SIPA, Eleanor worked as a management consultant with Deloitte  in Washington, D.C., where she served a variety of clients across the U.S. and emerging markets. She is particularly interested in public-private partnerships to attain equitable, sustainable development outcomes across the world. 


Michael Woods, Senior Editor for Print

Michael is a Master of Public Administration candidate focused on renewable energy policy. Prior to enrolling at SIPA, Michael worked with GDS Associates, an energy engineering consulting firm, working on energy efficiency and renewable energy engineering solutions for his clients. This past summer, Michael interned with ReNew Power, a renewable energy developer in Gurugram, India, in their asset management practice.


Kyle Staron, Director of Operations

Kyle is a Master’s in International Affairs candidate, concentrating on International Security Policy.  Prior to SIPA, Kyle served as a Civil Affairs officer in the US Army and worked to understand sources of local instability in communities in the Middle East and North Africa. His interests include understanding how policymakers construct goals for international conflict and military professionalization in Africa.


Ines Boussebaa, Features Editor 

Ines is an MIA student with an interest in the intersections between environmental issues, development and conflict resolution. Prior to starting graduate school, she researched Women, Peace, and Security issues at a women's rights NGO. Her research focused on women's roles in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.


Sean Nelsen, Production Director

Sean is dual degree student pursuing a Masters in Urban Planning and a Master in International Affairs.  He has previously worked in public service for the municipalities of New York and Denver, focusing on topics in housing affordability, public facility provision, and resilience planning.  Currently at SIPA, he is working to integrate urban planning tools into the topics of development and migration.  Sean will be in Turkey this summer working with a Syrian civil society network involved in the peace process.