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Tessa Browne

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Allison Chen

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Ciara Comerford

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Antonella Davi

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Ali Javaheri

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Shashank Jejurikar

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Alysa LaVoie

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Ryan Lee

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Wenjing “Wynne” Qin

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Bridget Chan

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Kanyon Iwami

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Govind Ramagopal

Board Biographies

Tessa Browne, Digital Editor

Tessa is a first-year Master of Public Administration candidate concentrating in Economic and Political Development with a specialization in Technology, Media, and Communications. Prior to SIPA, she worked in the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Tessa's interests include gender policy, global politics, and climate change mitigation policy. Outside of SIPA, she is an avid reader of historical fiction novels.

Bridget Chan, Consulting Editor (Digital)

Bridget is an MPA candidate at Columbia SIPA. Originally from Portland, Oregon, her most recent professional experience centers around research, evaluation, and strategic planning for foundations and philanthropies, and hopes to bring that experience into affecting systems-level changes for equitable policy outcomes. Outside of SIPA you can find her at the gym or trying out a new Cantonese recipe. 

Amelia Cheatham, Co-Managing Editor (Digital)

Amelia Cheatham is a first-year MIA candidate concentrating in International Security Policy and specializing in International Conflict Resolution. Prior to graduate school, she researched and wrote about Latin America and immigration for the Council on Foreign Relations. She has also worked at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where she enjoyed researching Chinese involvement in African seaports. She holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University.

Allison Chen, Digital Editor

Allison is a 2021 Rangel Fellow and a first-year in the Human Rights & Humanitarian Policy concentration and in the Gender and Public Policy specialization. She recently graduated from Yale University with a double-major in economics and political science. Previously, she interned at the Congressional Research Service's Asia Section in the Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division and at the United Nations, working on financing for sustainable development. She has also focused on gender issues, through investigating women's economic empowerment at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and creating and teaching a standardized sex education curriculum to students in rural China through Yale Building Bridges. Her hobbies include dance, theater, and playing The Sims. She is originally from Arizona.

Antonella Davi, Digital Editor

Antonella Davi is a first-year MPA student studying Urban and Social Policy. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science with a concentration in American Politics and Public Policy from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Prior to SIPA, she staffed political campaigns and spent two years as a defense paralegal. Antonella’s academic interests include responsible tech policy with a focus on solutions to online mis/disinformation, economic justice, and gender mainstreaming for equitable outcomes.

Kanyon Iwami, Features Editor

Kanyon is a Master of International Affairs student concentrating in economic and political development. Prior to SIPA, he worked at the public relations firm Edelman where he advised consumer brands and financial services firms during sensitive situations. He regularly partnered with clients to help them navigate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy and the evolving role of corporate purpose. Kanyon received his B.A. in Economics from New York University. He hopes to run his 6th marathon once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Ali Javaheri, Digital Editor

Ali Javaheri is an MIA student concentrating in International Finance and Economic Policy. Ali has previous experience working in international development and at the American Enterprise Institute. He received his undergraduate degree in Government and International Politics from George Mason University. Ali's interests include tech policy, the Middle East, Persian poetry, and travel photography. You can find him exploring New York City for great views and great spots to read.   

Shashank Jejurikar, Digital Editor

​​Shashank is a first-year Master of International Affairs student concentrating in International Finance and Economic Policy. Prior to SIPA, Shashank worked at J.P. Morgan's Private Bank, as well as at the Atlantic Council's South Asia Center. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University. Outside of SIPA, Shashank enjoys writing film and literature reviews, doing yoga, and planning his post-COVID travels.

Samir Kumar, Executive Editor (interim)

Samir Kumar is an MPA student concentrating in economic and political development, primarily interested in the practice of building stronger polities and markets in emerging economies through investment and entrepreneurship. Previously, he was a policy researcher on South Asia in Washington, D.C., and a Fulbright student in Sri Lanka.

Alyse LaVoie, Digital Editor

Alyse is an MIA candidate concentrating in Economic and Political Development. Prior to attending SIPA, she worked in international public affairs and government relations in Washington, D.C. Alyse’s interests include public diplomacy and studying developing democracies, particularly in Eastern Europe and former Soviet states. Alyse received her undergraduate degree in Communications, Economics, Law, and Government at American University. Outside of SIPA, you can find Alyse vintage shopping with a high-quality cup of coffee.

Ryan Lee, Digital Editor

Ryan is a Master of International Affairs candidate studying International Security Policy with Technology, Media, and Communications. He is also the incoming Editor in Chief of The Morningside Post, SIPA's leading independent news and opinion publication. Before SIPA, Ryan served as a speechwriter and strategic communications advisor at USAID. Originally from San Diego, California, he received a Bachelor's in International Relations from Brown University.

Seungmin Helen Lee, Podcast Director

Seungmin (Helen) Lee is a five-year dual degree student at Columbia University. At SIPA, she concentrates in international security policy, and her specializations are management and East Asia. Most recently, she was also a global initiative intern for Asia Society New York.

Morgan McMurray, Co-Managing Editor (Digital)

Morgan is a first-year MPA student concentrating in International Security Policy and specializing in Technology, Media, and Communications. Before coming to SIPA, she spent several years in corporate tech marketing, managing digital content for companies like Nintendo and Ziff Davis. She hopes to use her degree to pivot into technology policy, specifically exploring data privacy and misinformation issues. Morgan received her B.A. in English, International Studies, and Journalism from Iowa State University, and has volunteered extensively for GOTV efforts in Washington State. When not on campus, you'll find her walking her dog through Morningside Park or re-watching Great British Baking Show episodes. 

Madeline Ninno, Podcast Editor

Originally from Oviedo, Florida, Madeline earned a B.A. in Economics and International Development with a minor in Public Policy from Tulane University. While in New Orleans, she worked with Fund 17, a local nonprofit, developing business education programming and microfinance frameworks for Latinx immigrants in Louisiana. Prior to joining SIPA, she worked as a consultant at BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, crafting development plans for new nonprofits and monitoring compliance procedures. Madeline is interested in the intersection of microfinance, community development, and high-impact enterprises.

Ryan Pan, Print Editor

Zhenye (Ryan) is a first-year Master of International Affairs student concentrating in International Finance and Economic Policy and specializing in Technology, Media, and Communications. Originally from Guangdong, China, he is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and received his Bachelor's degree in Global Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020. He learned French for four years and is currently learning German. Before coming to SIPA, he worked for one year as a content analyst for Vaco, a business management consulting firm, to evaluate Google Ads and edit/write policy guidelines for YouTube Ads. He also joined for one year UCLA's student-run international affairs magazine as a research staffer and scriptwriter for a mini-documentary production. He aspires to work as a policy analyst in digital technology in government agencies or international organizations

Wenjing Qin, Digital Editor

Wynne is a first-year Master of International Affairs student concentrating in international finance and economic policy at SIPA. Originally from Chengdu, China, she is interested in multilateral trade policies, antitrust, and US-China relations. Wynne had research experiences in non-profits, legal, and journalism prior to SIPA.

Govind Ramagopal, Features Editor

Govind is a Masters of International Affairs candidate, specializing in International Security Policy, with a concentration in the Middle East region. Prior to coming to SIPA, he worked at a law firm as a paralegal, working on Labor and Commercial litigation cases. He has also worked as an intern in legislative offices at the Federal and State levels and volunteered on political campaigns.

Christopher Smith, Podcast Editor

Chris is a master’s student at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) studying international security policy and conflict resolution. Prior to SIPA, he worked as a military intelligence officer in the United States Army for ten years. During his time in the military, Chris visited over thirty-seven countries and supported multiple operations across the globe to include Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, direct support to France’s Operation Barkhane in the western Sahel, and was part of the United States Immediate Response Force’s deployment to the Middle East in 2020.

Sean Steinberg, Digital Editor

Sean is a Master of International Affairs candidate at SIPA, where he studies international security and technology policy. Working at the intersection of media and public policy, he has produced documentary films on cybersecurity with an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, reported on election security and voting rights, documented Red Cross disaster relief operations, and helped drive the policy and communications agenda of a Congressional campaign. He also researched NYC's tech ecosystem during his fellowship with the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer and produced multimedia content on foreign policy and national security while working for the Eurasia Group Foundation and Fordham Law's Center on National Security.

Alex Urwin, Newsletter Editor

Alex is a one-year politics Master's student, based out of the European Institute (though taking the majority of his classes at SIPA), with a particular interest in the UK-US relationship, from foreign and economic policy perspectives. He is originally from the UK, and most recently spent three years living in London and working for the UK Government, including the last year in the Prime Minister's Office in Number 10.

Katherine Yusko, Podcast Editor

Katherine is a first-year SIPA student concentrating in ISP and specializing in ICR. She graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Culture and Conflict. Her professional experience has been in the realm of counterterrorism and security in the Middle East, and her past research focused on international law and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At SIPA, she is involved in the Women in Peace and Security Working Group, where she serves as the general secretary. On campus you can find her at the Himalayan food truck buying momos!