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Board Biographies

Zachary Hanson, Editor in Chief

Zachary has spent the past five years working as a public servant for the United States, most recently as a foreign service officer at the U.S. Department of State, where he focused on economic policy. His coursework at SIPA is focused on international development, finance, and energy, and he is interested in the nexus between private capital flows and development outcomes, especially as it relates to fragile and conflict-affected countries. Zachary is spending the summer as a Summer Associate at the International Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C., where he works in the Infrastructure and Natural Resource Advisory practice. 


Amir Khouzam, Managing Editor for Print and Editorial 

Amir Khouzam is an MIA student focusing on human rights and international conflict resolution. He has worked extensively in children's programming in the past, with a particular focus on trauma rehabilitation. Amir is currently in Beirut working with a Syrian civil society incubator.


Aliya Bhatia, Managing Editor for Business and Circulation 

Aliya Bhatia is a Master of Public Administration candidate at SIPA studying urban policy most interested in the intersection between technology and immigrants' rights. Prior to SIPA, Aliya worked on political campaigns in Canada encouraging youth, newcomers, and immigrants to get involved politically. 


Ayesha Amin, Digital and Online Director 

Ayesha is an MPA student, focusing on international security. Her policy experience with the New Zealand government spans multiple areas including justice, national security, anti-corruption and outer space. Ayesha is currently interning with the OECD in Paris.


Shalaka Joshi, Managing Editor for Digital and Online

Shalaka is a Masters of Public Administration candidate studying international security policy and technology, media, and communications at SIPA. Prior to graduate school, she worked at a public affairs firm in Washington, D.C., where she worked on projects for clients in diverse industries who dealt with a variety of political and policy issues at the local, state, and federal government levels. 


Won Jang, Senior Editor for Fall/Winter

Won is a Masters in International Affairs candidate in the Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy concentration and UN Studies specialization. His interests lie in humanitarian policy and the Middle East, and before he came to SIPA he lived in Egypt for 4 years working as a consultant for local NGOs and interning with UN Women.


Jillian Timko, Senior Editor for Fall/Winter

Jillian is a second-year MPA student concentrating on Human Rights, and specializing in Conflict Resolution. Prior to SIPA, she worked in management consulting for 3 years at The Parthenon Group, a boutique consulting firm owned by Ernst & Young.


Jewel Conrad, Business and Marketing Director

Jewel is a MIA candidate concentrating in Economic and Political Development and specializing in Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis. She loves a good dataset and believes that the right soundtrack is an essential part of tackling any problem or policy issue. 


Lea von Martius, Features Editor 

Lea is an MPA student with a concentration in EPD. Before SIPA, she worked for several years in EU public policy in Brussels, focussing on refugee and migration issues. At SIPA, she is interested in the intersection between development, security, and digital government, as well as strong Espresso and good films. She never leaves the house without a million things on her mind.


Farah Abu Sahliya, Student Essays Editor 

Farah is an MIA candidate at SIPA, concentrating in Economic and Political Development with a regional focus on the Middle East. Before coming to SIPA, he was part of the communications team at the British Consulate General in Jerusalem, where he managed the Consulate General’s outreach to a Palestinian audience. 


Jennifer Riland, Book Reviews Editor 

Jennifer Riland is an MPA - Development Practice student focusing on urban policy and education. Prior to SIPA, she worked extensively in education policy for science, technology, engineering and math, primarily focusing on teacher training. Jennifer is currently working with a consulting group in Peru that is partnering with the Ministry of Production to increase the competitiveness of strategic industries for the country.


Aswathi K. Puthenveettil, Production Director

Aswathi is a student of Humanitarian Policy, International Conflict Resolution and Technology, Media and Communication at SIPA. She is also an architect and prior to studying International Affairs, worked in the field for over two years in India, designing everything from bookshelves to buildings. In her spare time, she worked in a volunteer educator capacity with NGOs in the informal education sector.


John Sakellariadis, Senior Editor for Spring/Summer 

John is an MIA candidate concentrating in International Security Policy and specializing in Technology, Media and Communications. Prior to SIPA, John worked at a think tank in Washington, D.C., where he conducted research on US foreign and defense policy.  This past summer, John spent five weeks brushing up on his Spanish in Peru. 

Ines Boussebaa, Senior Editor for Spring/Summer 

Ines Boussebaa is an MIA student with an interest in the intersections between environmental issues, human rights, and conflict resolution. Prior to starting graduate school, she worked on Women, Peace, and Security issues at a women's rights NGO. Her research at the NGO focused on women's roles in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

Assistant Editors for Print: 

Akshara Baru

Akshara Baru is a first-year MPA student at SIPA, concentrating in Economic and Political Development. She is a lawyer by training. Prior to joining SIPA, she worked as a legislative assistant with an Indian Parliamentarian, following which she worked as a Strategic Planning Associate with a State Government in India. Her interests lie in exploring technology-driven governance reforms, while also seeking to understand the gamut of changes in social and political interactions that would be caused by the growth of technology.

Daniel White 

Daniel is an MPA candidate at SIPA studying international security policy with an emphasis on the evolution of U.S. national security policy since the Global War on Terrorism. A native of New York’s Hudson Valley, he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and served for over 5 years on active duty as Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. Army. During his military career, Daniel served in Korea, the Middle East and on the personal staff of the 51stand 52ndCommandants of the Field Artillery. After leaving the Army as a Captain, he completed stints at the German Marshall Fund to the United States, a foreign policy think tank in Washington, D.C. and Lockheed Martin’s corporate strategy team in Bethesda, MD. 
Mallory Rutigliano

Mallory Rutigliano is a current student in the MPA program in Environmental Science and Policy. Before beginning at SIPA, Mallory worked in the fields of environmental policy and population health, and is interested in how humans make decisions to benefit both their health and that of the environment. Mallory holds a position at the NYU School of Medicine researching health disparities and has worked in the past for the NYU Department of Environmental Studies and with the UN Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, analyzing nitrogen policy.

Rocky Intan 

Rocky Intan is a Master of International Affairs candidate at SIPA studying international economic policy and East Asia with interests mainly in the politics of trade liberalization and negotiations. Prior to SIPA, he worked at a think-tank in Jakarta working on issues of international political economy, regional economic integration, and regional security architecture in East Asia.

Sergio Galeano

Sergio is an MIA candidate concentrating in Economic and Political Development and specializing in UN studies and Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis. Prior to SIPA, he worked in NYC government in several roles including public affairs, government accounting, asset management and corporate governance. This past summer, Sergio interned in the research and publications team at Freedom House, contributing research and writing on several issues in political development and human rights. 

Assistant Editors for Digital: 

Jacob Higdon 

Jake Higdon is an MPA candidate specializing in Environmental Science and Policy and a research assistant at the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy. He is interested in the ways technological innovation will alter global energy markets and build climate change resilience. Prior to SIPA, Jake worked as a digital analyst for a North Carolina tech company and interned at the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change. He is a fan of hiking, politics, and Portland Trail Blazers basketball.

Hanna Homestead 

Hanna is a Masters of International Affairs candidate concentrating in international security policy and specializing in technology, media, and communications with a regional interest in East Africa. She has worked for the U.S. federal government and with human rights research and advocacy organizations. Prior to attending SIPA, Hanna spent a year living in Uganda as a Global Health Corps fellow. 

Sherry Kim 

Sherry Kim is an MIA candidate from Seoul, South Korea concentrating in economic policy, as well as international organizations & UN studies. Her primary academic interests lie in development financing and multilateral organizations, particularly in the broader South and Southeast Asian regions. Prior to New York, she worked as a policy fellow at a research center in Washington, D.C. focusing on a comparative study of both prominent and emerging global cities.

Anashya Srinivasan

Anashya Srinivasan works to protect and develop threatened cultural heritage sites and promote community stewardship. She is a Master of Public Administration candidate focusing on sustainable economic and resource development, program management, and the Middle East North Africa region. Prior to joining SIPA, she worked as a field archaeologist for 5 years in Europe, the Middle East, and the US before joining an anti-antiquities trafficking advocacy group in DC and then the Smithsonian Institution. Anashya is a classical Bharatanatyam dancer, a blues singer, and spent the five months before SIPA backpacking across 8 MENA countries.

Assistant Editors for Business: 

Brian Fitzgerald 

Brian is an MIA candidate concentrating in international security policy, focusing in particular on how technological development is shifting the conflict landscape in the 21st century. Prior to making the move to New York, Brian worked in Washington, DC, first for a boutique infrastructure advisory firm and later as a member of the client development team for a global law firm where his primary focus was conducting competitive intelligence for the cybersecurity and international trade practice groups.

Olivia Haas 

Olivia is an MPA candidate from Georgia concentrating in social policy and specializing in management. Her interest areas include education, healthcare, gender policy, and colonial legacy and reconciliation. Olivia enjoys data and geographical mapping as tools for policy analysis and presentation. Previously, Olivia helped manage the administration of New York City summer school while at the New York City Department of Education. She also ran a community after-school program while in Athens, Georgia. 

Laura Kunstler

Laura is an MIA candidate concentrating in Economic & Political Development and specializing in Gender and Public Policy. A devotee of Elinor Ostrom, she's passionately committed to bottom-up development and financing of women-owned enterprises in developing countries, and has amassed development experience in Kenya and China. She is also an avid alpinist. 

Srilekha Bhattiprolu

Srilekha is an MPA student with a finance and consulting background. She has spent two years working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs in India and has completed her MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. She loves music, art and well told tales in any medium.