Sai Padma Priya Ponnapula

Priya is a first year, International Finance and Economic Policy concentrator, originally from Hyderabad, India. Her background lies in International Development, specifically gender based development in South Asia. Prior to SIPA, Priya worked at Asia Initiatives, a New York-based non-profit, working to promote skill building and resource training for young girls and women in Asia and Africa. As a Project Manager, she developed frameworks to cultivate and utilize financial potential of below poverty line women, through education, job training and digital literacy programs. After SIPA, she wants to combine her passion for Finance with her background in development to create strategic development frameworks for vulnerable communities to enhance livelihood opportunities and create sustainable growth.

[email protected]


  • Managing Editor for Business for Vol 73.2 Politics of Protest
  • Assistant Editor for Print for Vol 73.1 Climate Disruption