Laura Roselle

Authored for Print issue Vol 71.1.5 Contentious Narratives published in 2017-18


Laura Roselle is Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies at Elon University where she is a senior faculty fellow. Roselle holds degrees from Emory University (Math/ Computer Science and Russian) and Stanford University (Ph.D. Political Science). She has served as president of the International Communication Section of the International Studies Association and of the Internet Technology and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. She is the author of Media and the Politics of Failure: Great Powers, Communication Strategies, and Military Defeats (Palgrave, 2006 and 2011), and with co- authors Alister Miskimmon and Ben O’Loughlin, Strategic Narratives: Communication Power and the New World Order (Routledge, 2013) and Forging the World: Strategic Narratives & International Relations (University of Michigan Press, 2017). Roselle is co-editor of the journal Media, War and Conflict, and co-editor of the book series, Routledge Studies in Global Information, Politics and Society. She won the 2017 Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Communication Section of the International Studies Association.