Jenik Radon

Jenik Radon is Adjunct Professor at the School of Public and International Affairs, Columbia University, where he teaches in the areas of sustainable natural resource development, small state development and corporate responsibility.  In particular he focuses on risk and strategic management, sovereignty and human rights, especially environment, minority rights (including social license), transparency and anticorruption.

Radon  is the founder Radon Law Offices and the founder and director of the Eesti and Eurasian Public Service Fellowship (and associated programs), which has provided students from Columbia, Stanford Law School and other institutions the opportunity to intern with government authorities and civil society in emerging nations across the global, including Cambodia, Ecuador, Estonia, Georgia,  Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Philippines and Tanzania.

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  • Served on the Advisory Board from 2013-2020
  • Authored for Print issues Vol 73.1 Climate Disruption (published in 2019-20), Vol 71.1 Democracy (published in 2017-18), Vol 70.2 The End of International Cooperation? (published in 2016-17) and Vol 68.1 Breaking Point: Protests and Revolutions (published in 2014-15).