Transnational Organized Crime

Table of Contents

  • Editors' Foreword - JIA Editorial Board
  • Deciphering the Linkages between Organized Crime and Transnational Crime - Jay S. Albanese
  • The Diverse Facilitators of Counterfeiting: A Regional Perspective - Louise Shelley
  • States, Frauds, and the Threat of Transnational Organized Crime - Michael Levi
  • Central American Gangs: Changing Nature and New Partners - Douglas Farah
  • The Twenty-First Century Expansion of the Transnational Drug Trade in Africa - Ashley N. Bybee
  • Fighting Transnational Environmental Crime - Lorraine Elliott


  • Corporate Criminal Liability: Article 10 of the Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime - Mohamed Mattar
  • International Narcotics Law Enforcement: A Study in Irrationality - Frank G. Madsen