Transcending National Boundaries

Table of Contents

  • Editors' Foreword - JIA Editorial Board
  • Sovereignty: An Introduction and Brief History - Daniel Philpott
  • Capital Mobility, State Autonomy and Political Legitimacy - Louis W. Pauly
  • Identity, Integration and Security: Solving the Sovereignty Puzzle in E.U. Studies - Ole Waever
  • Economic Interdependence and Challenges to the Nation-State: The Emergence of Natural Economic Territories in the Asia-Pacifi - Amos A. Jordan and Jane Khanna
  • Transnational Organized Crime: An Imminent Threat to the Nation-State? - Louise I. Shelley


  • Book Review
  • Michael Gilligan


  • Student Book Reviews


  • Illegal Transnational Labor: Mexicans in California and Haitians in the Dominican Republic - Catherine C. Orenstein
  • Appraising the U.N. at 50: The Looming Challenge - Richard Falk