Religion & Statecraft

Table of Contents

Editors' Foreword - JIA Editorial Board

  • Tolerance and Theocracy: How Liberal States Should Think of Religious States - Michael Blake
  • Outwitting the Developed Countries? Existential Insecurity and the Global Resurgence of Religion - Scott M. Thomas
  • Religious Discrimination: A World Survey - Jonathan Fox
  • Religions and International Poverty Alleviation: The Pluses and Minuses - J. Paul Martin, Jason Chau and Shruti Patel
  • What Religion Brings to the Politics of Transitional Justice - Daniel Philpott
  • Local Religious Peacemakers: An Untapped Resource in U.S. Foreign Policy - Sheherazade Jafari
  • Islamic Just War Theory and the Challenge of Sacred Space in Iraq - Ron E. Hassner
  • The Fatal Flaws in the U.S. Constitutional Project for Iraq - Ann Elizabeth Mayer
  • The Churches' Contribution to Citizenship in Brazil - Rudolf von Sinner
  • Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church: Asymmetric Symphonia? - John Anderson


  • An interview by Alfred C. Stepan and Mirjam Künkler - Amien Rais


  • Beyond a Spiritual Calling: The Saffron Revolution