Refugees and International Population Flows

Table of Contents

  • Editors' Foreword - JIA Editorial Board
  • The Evolution of UNHCR - Sadako Ogata
  • Durable Solutions in a New Political Era - Dennis Gallagher
  • The Relief-Development Continuum: Some Notes on Rethinking Assistance for Civilian Victims of Conflict - Peter Sollis
  • Environmental Degradation and Population Flows - Astri Suhrke
  • Civil War in Sudan: The Paradox of Human Rights and National Sovereignty - Judith Mayotte
  • Malawian Refugee Policy, International Politics and the One-Party Regime - Agnès Callamard
  • Conference Notes
  • Stirring the Pot: Immigrant and Refugee Challenges to the United States and the World - Paul Burkhead


  • Student Book Reviews


  • Promoting Economic Self-Reliance: A Case Study of Afghan Refugee Women in Pakistan - Christina M. Schultz