Table of Contents

  • Special 50th Anniversary Founding Editor's Preface - JIA Editorial Board
  • Editors' Foreword - JIA Editorial Board


  • Privatization in Practice
  • The Czechoslovak Experience with Privatization - Tomáš Ježek
  • Czech Privatization: The Case of Filmové Studio Barrandov - Michael Millea
  • Tales From Two Privatizations: Russia and Former East Germany - Scott Thomas
  • Legal Aspects of the French Privatization Program: Review of the Pechiney Privatization as a Practical Case - Dominique Borde and Marie-Chrystel Dang-Tran
  • Privatization: A Case Study in Corruption - Michelle Celarier


  • Book Reviews
  • Academic Book Review
  • Patricio Albanales


  • Student Book Reviews


  • Retreating From the Commanding Heights: Privatization in an Indian Context - A.J. Goulding