Financing Development

Table of Contents

  • Editors' Foreword - JIA Editorial Board
  • The MIillennium Development Goals - An Interview with Jeffrey D. Sachs
  • The Ecology of Global Economic Power: Changing Investment Practices to Promote Environmental Sustainability - Saskia Sassen
  • Paying for Prosperity: How and Why to Invest in Agricultural Research and Development in Africa - William A. Masters
  • Building Inclusive Financial Sectors: The Road to Growth and Poverty Reduction - Kathryn Imboden
  • Meeting the MDGS in Urban Areas: The Forgotten Role of Local Organizations - David Satterthwaite
  • Aid, Debt Relief and New Sources of Finance for Meeting the Millennium Development Goals - Tony Addison, George Mavrotas and Mark McGillivray
  • The Composition of Foreign Aid: Consequences for Economic Growth and Welfare - Stephen J. Turnovsky
  • Investing in Decvelopment: The Millennium Dcvelopment Goals, Aid and Sustainable Capital Accumulation - Rathin Roy and Antoine Heuty
  • The Poverty of Economic Policy: Is Debt Sustainability Really Sustainable? - Olivier Vallée and Shahin Vallée
  • Energy and the MDGS: The Impact of Rural Services on Development in Mali - Phi-Hong Ha and Jem Porcaro
  • Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Some Hard Questions - Ravi Kanbur
  • Scoring the Millennium Goals: Economic Growth Versus the Washington Consensus - Akbar Noman
  • Bridging the Gender Gap to Promote Economic and Social Development - Stephan Klasen
  • Education and the MDGS: Realizing the Millennium Compact - Nancy Birdsall and Milan Vaishnav
  • An Interview with Fernando Henrique Cardoso


  • Assessing the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Economic Growth and Rural Agriculture in Africa - Joel Negin