Water: A Global Challenge

Vol. 61, No. 2 - Spring/Summer - 2008

Short Review Essays

By Alex Acs, Alex M. Fischer, Bonnie Rose Schulman, Eugene A. Sokoloff, John Conway Boyd, Laura Weinberg, Peter Orr, Sea. Kathryn Critchell, Shanna Brownstein, Shruthi Jayaran

Long Review Essays

By Abigail E. Schade, Chandra Kiran B. Krishnamurthy, Ruth Langridge

Water, Sanitation and the Millennium Development Goals

By Kristen Lewis and Albert M. Wright, Roberto Lenton

An Interview with Maude Barlow


Mission Not Yet Accomplished: Managing Water Resources in the Nile River Basin

By Ashok Swain

The Role of Epistemic Communities in Offering New Cooperation Frameworks in the Euphrates-Tigris Rivers System

By Aysegul Kibaroglu

Water Politics in South Asia: Technocratic Cooperation and Lasting Security in the Indus Basin and Beyond

By Saleem H. Ali

Challenges and Realities of Water Managemt of Megacities: The Case of Mexico City Metropolitan Area

By Cecilia Tortajada

From Universal Prescriptions to Living Rights: Local and Indigenous Water Rights Confront Public-Private Partnerships in the Andes

By Rutgerd Boelens

Water and Gender: The Unexpected Connection That Really Matters

By Sonia Dávila-Poblete and María Nieves Rico, Vivienne Bennett

The Potential and Promise of Water Pricing

By Collins A. Ayoo and Theodore M. Horbulyk

The Forgotten Infrastructure: Safeguarding Freshwater Ecosystems

By Sandra L. Postel

Healing The Enlightenment Rift: Rationality, Spirituality and Shared Waters

By Aaron T. Wolf

Water Wars: Obscuring Opportunities

By Karin R. Bencala and Geoffrey D. Dabelko

Water in the 21st Century: Defining the Elements of Global Crises and Potential Solutions

By Casey Brown and Tobias Siegfried, Tanya Heikkila, Upmanu Lall