Transnational Organized Crime

Vol. 66, No. 1 - Fall/Winter - 2012

Rio De Janeiro: A Local Response to a Global Challenge

By Col. Robson Rodrigues da Silva, Laura Vargas

Global Vice: The Expanding Territory of the Yakuza

By Ania Calderón, Jake Adelstein

Organized Crime in a Network Society

By Misha Glenny, Ronald Davis

Whither Antidrug Policy?

By Ania Calderón, Vanda Felbab-Brown

Demands of Supply

By Matthew Hockenberry

International Narcotics Law Enforcement: A Study in Irrationality

By Frank G. Madsen

Fighting Transnational Environmental Crime

By Lorraine Elliott

Corporate Criminal Liability: Article 10 of the Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime

By Mohamed Mattar

Central American Gangs: Changing Nature and New Partners

By Douglas Farah

The Twenty-first Century Expansion of the Transnational Drug Trade in Africa

By Ashely Neese Bybee, Ashley Neese Bybee

States, Frauds, and the Threat of Transnational Organized Crime

By Michael Levi

The Diverse Facilitators of Counterfeiting: A Regional Perspective

By Louise I. Shelley

Deciphering the Linkages between Organized Crime and Transnational Crime

By Jay S. Albanese

Criminal Activity in a Globalizing World

By Madeline K. B. Ross, Madeline K.B. Ross