Letter from the Editors - The Editorial Board

Letter from the Dean - Merit Janow

A Call to Action - Bill McKibben


Financing the Green Transition: Attracting Capital Through Financial Innovation - Sarah La Monaca, Katherine Spector, and James Kobus

Financing Sustainable Infrastructure at Scale - Christian Déséglise and Delfina Lopez Freijido 

Ending Pandemics: U.S. Foreign Policy to Mitigate Today’s Major Killers, Tomorrow’s Outbreaks, and the Health Impacts of Climate Change - Mathew M. Kavanagh, Harsha Thirumurthy, Rebecca Katz, Kristie L. Ebi, Chris Beyrer, Jamila Headley, Charles B. Holmes, Chris Collins, & Lawrence O. Gostin 

Climate Change and Cognition: Towards a Pedagogy - Joshua L. DeVincenzo

Cultural Heritage in the Face of Climate Change - Rohit Jigyasu 

Resilient Cultural Heritage for a Future of Climate Change - Bárbara Mínguez García 


Climate-Induced Migration and Free-Movement Agreements - Ama Francis

State-Owned Enterprises: No Climate Success Without Them - Philippe Benoit

Climate Action: What Does it Take? Legal Teeth, Not Just Corporate Words - Jenik Radon

Corporate Responsibility and Climate Change - Graham Bradley

Green Capitalism - Graciela Chichilnisky

Can Technology Innovation Save Us from Climate Change? - Madison Freeman

Climate Change and International Relations: A Five-Pronged Research Agenda - Ole Jacob Sending, Indra Øverland, and Thomas Boe Hornburg

Energy Transition Amid Great Power Rivalry - Daniel Scholten, David Criekemans, and Thijs Van de Graaf 

How Climate Change Could Spark the Next Global Financial Crisis - Sagatom Saha and Brody Viney


Future of Climate and Energy Policy - Sir Alexander Halliday

Religion, Faith, and Climate Activism - Susan Hendershot

Carbon Farming and Regenerative Agriculture - Eric Toensmeier

Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice - Robert Bullard 

Ocean Conservation and the Future of Coastal Cities - Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

How to Prioritize Equity in Climate Action - Adrianna Quintero

Climate Change, Displacement, and Migration - Walter Kaelin

How Climate Change Impacts Indigenous Rights - Danika Littlechild 

Earth’s Climate Future - David Wallace-Wells 

A Zero Waste World - Joan Marc Simon 

The Future of Energy - Josh Tickell 

Achieving Zero Waste - Michael J. Sangiacomo

The Role of Carbon Pricing - Michael Green 

The Cradle-to-Cradle Movement - Michael Braungart 


Removing the Meat Subsidy: Our Cognitive Dissonance Around Animal Agriculture - Christina Sewell


The National Security Implications of Climate Change: Redefining Threats, Bolstering Budgets, and Mobilizing the Arctic - Daniel White


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