Letter From the Dean 

Letter From the Editors 

Foreword - Klaus Schwab 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Shaping A New Era - Thomas Philbeck and Nicholas Davis 


Labor in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

Correctly Valuing the Work of the Future - Guy Ryder 

Gig Work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Conceptual and Regulatory Challenges - Alex de Ruyter, Martyn Brown, and John Burgess 

The Future of Work: Advancing Labor Market Resilience - Interview with Stefano Scarpetta 

The Changing Nature of Work - Simeon Djankov and Federica Saliola 


Gender, Society, and Governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

Creating a Better Future: Four Secnarios for how Digital Technologies could Change the World - Elizabeth Pollitzer

A Gender Lens on the Future of Work - Jill Rubery 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Digital Fusion with the Internet of Things - Shuo-Yan Chou

Global Politics and the Governance of Artificial Intelligence - Interview with Allan Dafoe 

Building Trust in Articial Intelligence - Francesca Rossi

Preventing a Butlerian Jihad: Articulating a Global Vision for the Future of Artificial Intelligence - Schoni Song 


Regional Perspectives 

Brilliant Technologies and Brave Entrepreneurs: A New Narrative for African Manufacturing - Wim Naudé

The Future of Work in a Historically Volatile Economy: Case Study of Farm Machinery Factories in Argentina - Yovanna Pineda

Sweden: The Role of the State in the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Interview with Ylva Johansson


Book Reviews

Technology and Humanity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Review of Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab and Nicholas Davis - Betty Sue Flowers

The Role of Universities in Setting the Knowledge Economy Agenda: A Review of Cities and the Knowledge Economy: Promise, Politics and Possibilities by Tim May and Beth Perry - Steven Cohen