Letter from the Advisory Board 

Letter from the Editors 

Foreward by Ronaldo Lemos 



A Tired Cliche: Why We Should Stop Worrying about Unogverned Spaces and Embrace Self-Governance by Jennifer Murtazashvili 

The Ungovernability of Digital Hate Culture by Bharath Ganesh 

Civil Society in an Uncivil State: Informal Organization in Tajik/Afghan Badakhshan by Suzanne Levi-Sanchez



Governance with Government in the Somali Territories by Nicole Stremlau 

Ungoverned or Antigovernance? How Bitcoin Threatens the Future of Western Institutions by Andrea O'Sullivan 

Advancing Human-Rights-By-design in the Dual-Use Technology Industry by Jonathon Penney, Sarah McKune, Lex Gill, and Ronald J. Deibert 



We need a brand new architecture to cover the whole scope of mobility - Interview with Michael Doyle 

Space provides the required magnitude of perspective. It unites us towards common goals - Interview with Simonetta Di Pippo 

On cybersecurity - Interview with Bruce Schneier 


Student Essay 

Evaluating the Concept of Ungoverned Spaces: The Limitations of a Two-Dimensional Worldview by Shu De Teo 


Book Reviews 

A Review of Democracy Protests: Origins, Features, and Significance by Alexander Chen Campbell 

A Review of The Sovereignty Wars by Robert Ward 

A Review of How We Won & Lost the War in Afghanistan: Two Years in the Pashtun Homeland by Connor McGuire 

A Review of The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable by Ashta Ummat