Letter From The Editors 

Foreword - Steven Livingston from George Washington University 

The New Global Landscape: Illiberal Regimes and Movements - Ambassador John Shattuck from Harvard University 


Public Opinion Manipulation 

The Global Organization of Social Media Disinformation Campaigns - Samantha Bradshaw and Phil Howard from Oxford University 

Digital Marketing in the Disinformation Age - Douglas Guilbeault from the University of Pennsylvania 

Dangerous Speech, Anti-Muslim Violence, and Facebook in Myanmar - Christina Fink from George Washington University 

Contentious Narratives and Europe: Conspiracy Theories and Strategic Narratives Surrounding RT's Brexit News Coverage - Emma Flaherty and Laura Roselle from Elon University 

The EU's Crisis Diplomacy in Ukraine: The Matrix of Possibilities - Natalia Chaban from the National Centre for Research on Europe and Ben O'Loughlin from the University of London


Narratives in Conflict 

The Disconnective Power of Disinformation Campaigns - Gregory Asmolov from the Russia Institue, Kings College London 

A New Approach to Assessing the Role of Technology in Spurring and Mitigating Conflict: Evidence from Research and Practice - Rachel Brown and Laura Livingston from Over Zero

Robot Wars: How Bots Joined Battle in the Gulf - Ben Nimmo from Atlantic Council 


Contentious Narratives - Theory and Practice 

The Weaponization of Social Media: Spear Phishing and Cyberattacks on Democracy - Michael Bossetta from University of Copenhagen 

Cyber Rebellions: The Online Struggle for Openness - Matthew Flynn from Marine Corps University 

Russian Trolls and Fake News: Information or Identity Logics? - Michael Jensen from University of Canberra 

Master Narratives of Disinformation Campaigns - Matthew Levinger from George Washington University 

Information Warfare and Information Operations: Russian and U.S. Perspectives - Hans Klein from Georgia Institue of Technology