Sino-Indian Relations

Vol. 64, No. 2 - Spring/Summer - 2011

U.S. Interest in Sino-Indian Cooperation

By Strobe Talbott

Mediating from Middle Ground: ASEAN, China and India

By Surin Pitsuwan

The Not-So-Surprising Rise of India and China

By Kishore Mahbubani

Further Reading


Beyond Rhetoric: Sino-Indian Relations in an Era of Interdependence | Asian Knowledge-Based Economics: Complex and Convoluted

By Aditi Malik | Maria Y. Wang

India, China: Brothers, Brothers

By Shirish Jain and Yan Shufen

Blind Men and an Elephant: How the Indian and Chinese Press Cover Myanmar

By Paul Fraioli

Reflections from China

By Cheng Ruisheng

India: A Global Economic Power? Revisting the Past and Contemplating the Future

By Arvind Panagariya

Divergence, Similarity and Symmtery in Sino-Indian Threat Perceptions

By Lora Saalman

Paradigm Shift in India-China Relations: From Bilateralism to Multilateralism

By Swaran Singh

Cities as the New Engine for Sino-Indian Cooperation

By Pengfei Ni

Technology Trade in India-China Relations: Divergent Dynamics and Implications

By Varaprasad S. Dolla

The Myth of Economic Complementarity in Sino-Indian Relations

By Yasheng Huang

Chinese and Indian Engagement in Africa: Competitive or Mutually Reinforcing Strategies?

By Fantu Cheru and Cyril Obi

Editor's Foreword

By The Editors

China and India: More Cooperation than competition in Energy and Climate Change

By Tofiq Siddiqi

The Tibet Factor in China-India relations

By Rajiv Sikri

Beijing's Balancing Act: Courting New Dehli, Reassuring Islamabad

By Jingdong Yuan

Assessing the Sino-Indian Water Dispute

By Jonathan Holslag

The Breakout of China-India Strategic Rivalry in Asia and the Indian Ocean

By Francine R. Frankel