Robert Jervis: In Memoriam

On the occasion of his passing, the Journal of International Affairs joins those at Columbia University and the broader international relations community in condoling loved ones, friends, students, and those otherwise inspired and transformed by the life and work of Robert Jervis. Professor Jervis was an epochal figure in the study and practice of international affairs, and exemplified what policy-relevant scholarship could be. He was a great teacher and a kind man.

Professor Jervis served on the Journal’s advisory board for 31 years and contributed a wonderful essay to our 1990 theory-oriented issue, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of formal modeling versus case analysis in the study of international conflict. 

In honor of his memory, we welcome the submission of testimonials from those who interacted with, studied under, or were inspired by him, and would love to include them in a tribute. 

The Editorial Board
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