Rethinking Russia

Vol. 63, No. 2 - Spring/Summer - 2010

The Russian Soldier Today

By Iva Savic

What Can Be Done with Documents

By Maksim Hanukai

Constructing a Post-Communist Economic Order

By David Szakonyi

Unwrapping Russian Foreign Policy

By Thomas J.R. Kent

Re-Examining Russian Energy Power

By Michael Broache

The View from Moscow - An Interview with Sergey Ryabkov


A Balanced Assessment of Russian Civil Society

By Debra Javeline, Sarah Lindemann-Komarova

Further Reading

By Aiko Shimizu, Allon Bar, Christopher Jenkins, Elazar Barkan, James Wesley Jeffers, Karin Bennett, Kelsey L. Campbell, Matthew Rae, Matthew Schaaf, Rob Grabow, Setti-Semhal Petros

U.S.-Russian Relations in an Age of American Triumphalism - An Interview with Stephen F. Cohen


Freedom of Expression without Freedom of the Press

By Maria Lipman

Russia’s Financial Crisis: Economic Setbacks and Policy Responses

By Padma Desai

Why Russia is Not South Korea

By Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Sergei Guriev

The Global Expansion of Russia’s Energy Giants

By Nina Poussenkova

Is Russia Cursed by Oil?

By Daniel Treisman

Russia and Europe’s Mutual Energy Dependence

By Christophe-Alexandre Paillard

Ukraine’s Defense Engagement with the United States

By Gary D. Espinas

Russia, Ukraine, and Central Europe: The Return of Geopolitics

By F. Stephen Larrabee

Russian Dilemmas in a Multipolar World

By Fyodor Lukyanov

Generational Change and the Future of U.S.-Russian Relations

By Jeffrey Mankoff