Miniseries: Emerging Markets in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Periodically, the Journal examines a contemporary or pressing issue and composes a set of analyses for the online edition addressing the same. The first, Emerging Markets in the Post-COVID-19 Era, covers the impact of the pandemic on major emerging economies across regions, and examines the contours of the recovery. Which institutions inhibit or enable it, and who wins and loses? What are the opportunities for diplomatic partners, entrepreneurs, and investors?

1. The United Arab Emirates' Post-COVID-19 Recovery
Robert Mogielnicki | March 29, 2021
The United Arab Emirates faces tough economic challenges in 2021 and beyond. The coronavirus and the resulting crises have caused its most important industries to struggle, endangered retaining its expatriate residents, and obstructed global investments. Nevertheless, its economic pillars allow it to enjoy a position of strength while battling for regional economic influence and pursue a sound economic recovery.