The Globalization of Disaster

Vol. 59, No. 2 - Spring/Summer - 2006

Short Review Essays

By Anthony Deckoff, Daniel Doktori, Gweneth M. Thirlwell, J. Quinn Martin, Jessica A. Keith, John O'Kane, Katherine Haver, Kimberly Lietz, Nikola Smith

Long Review Essays

By Aaron Clark, Jack A . Goldstone, Sandra Chapman, Vsevolod Gunitskiy

Political Capital Deficits in Zimbabwean Famine: National and International Responsibility for Prevention Failure

By Cary McClelland

The Rise of The Relief-and-Reconstruction Complex

By Walden Bello

Disaster Reconstruction and Risk Management for Poverty Reduction

By Margaret Arnold

Globalization and Disasters: Issues of Public Health, State Capacity and Political Action

By Frederick M. Burkle Jr.

Acting on Disaster Diplomacy

By Ilan Kelman

Rethinking International Disaster Aid Finance

By Joanna Syroka Richard Wilcox

“Regarding the Pain of Others”: Media, Bias and the Coverage of International Disasters

By Susan D. Moeller

The Responders’ Cauldron: The Uniqueness of International Disaster Response

By Arjun Katoch

Towards a Comparative Political Ethnography of Disaster Prevention

By Alex de Waal

Combating Infectious Diseases in East Asia: Securitization and Global Public Goods for Health and Human Security

By Mely Caballero-Anthony

National Preparedness Planning: The Historical Context and Current State of the U.S. Public’s Readiness, 1940-2005

By Irwin Redlener David A. Berman

UK Emergency Preparedness: A Step in the Right Direction?

By Geoff O’Brien

A Critical Evaluation of the United Nations Volcanic Emergency Management System: Evidence from Latin America

By Jesús Manuel Macías Benigno E. Aguirre

The Changing Face of Normal Disaster: Risk, Resilience and Natural Security in a Changing Climate

By Nathan E. Hultman Alexander S. Bozmoski

Globalization of Disaster: Trends, Problems and Dilemmas

By David Alexander