Global Food Security

Vol. 67, No. 2 - Spring/Summer - 2014

Biotechnology and Food Security

By David Zilberman, Eunice Kim, Geoffrey Barrows, Scott Kaplan, Steven Sexton

Editors' Foreword


Food Security: Beyond Calories

By Jessica Simon

Genetic Technology in Food

By Naheed Natasha Mansur

The Scientization of Food


Know Your Food Politics

By Andrew Burns

The Global Land Rush

By Sumeyra Aydemir

Stunting: A Country's Lasting Burden — An interview with Jessica Fanzo


No Peace Without Food — An interview with Ertharin Cousin


Qatar's Journey to Self-Sufficiency — An interview with Fahad Bin Mohammed Al-Attiya


GMOs: A Solution or a Problem?


Transforming Research and Development Practice to Support Agroecological Intensification of Smallholder Farming

By Rebecca Nelson, Richard Coe

Urbanization and Hunger: Food Policies and Programs, Responding to Urbanization, and Benefiting the Urban Poor in Three Cities

By Jessica Wurwarg

Strategic Choices Shaping Agricultural Performance and Food Security in Myanmar

By Duncan Boughton, Glenn Denning, Khin Mar Cho, Larry C.Y. Wong, Naw Eh Mwee Aye Wai, Ngu Wah Win, Renate Kloeppinger-Todd, Shannon Wilson, Steven Haggblade, Tin Maung Than, Tun Min Sandar, Zaw Oo

Is the Scramble for Land in Africa Foreclosing a Smallholder Agricultural Expansion Strategy?

By Antony Chapoto, Chewe Nkonde, Jordan Chamberlin, Milu Muyanga, Nicholas Sitko, Thomas S. Jayne

Food Choices, Food Security, and Food Policy

By Carolyn Dimitri, Stephanie Rogus

World Hunger and the Global Economy: Strong Linkages, Weak Action

By Jennifer Clapp