Global Finance

Vol. 62, No. 1 - Fall/Winter - 2008

Short Review Essays

By Amalia Johnsson, Andrew Michael Sinclair, Gazelle Javantash, Helen Harris, Kelli Bissett, Lauren D. Klein, Mahmood Mamdani, Matthew Leatherman

Long Review Essays

By Dennis Bogusz, Matthias Thiemann

The Advent of the International Financial Reporting Standards: A Catalyst for Changing Global Finance

By Julia Kotlyar

An Interview with C.K. Prahalad

By Journal of International Affairs

Mortgage Capital and Its Particularities: A New Frontier for Globlal Finance

By Saskia Sassen

A Very North Atlantic Credit Crunch: Geopolitical Implications of the Global Liquidity Crisis

By Anastasia Nesvetailova and Ronen Palan

A One-and-a-Half Currency System

By Benjamin J. Cohen and Paola Subacchi, Benjamin J. Cohen and Paola Subacchi Journal of

The Business of Governments: Nationalism in the Context of Sovereign Wealth Funds and State-Owned Enterprises

By Kathryn C. Lavelle

Sovereign Wealth Funds and the (In)Security of Global Finance

By Daniel W. Drezner

The Use of Financial Measures to Promote Security

By Sue E. Eckert

China as a Creditor: A Rising Financial Power?

By Gregory Chin and Eric Helleiner

The U.S. Campaign to Squeeze Terrorists' Financing

By Matthew Levitt and Michael Jacobson

Foreign Direct Investment and Interstate Military Conflict

By Quan Li

Governments as Market Players: State Innovation in the Global Economy

By Giselle Datz

A Neo-Westphalian International Financial System?

By Brad Setser

Test article

By Elazar Barkan

Financial Diplomacy and the Credit Crunch: The Rise of Central Banks

By Nicholas Bayne