Edged Out by the Olympics


As Rio makes way for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, many of the city's favelas are being knocked down and paved over:

"As Rio recovers from a long decline, some of the new projects are largely welcome, like an elevator for a hillside favela in Ipanema, or new cable cars in the Complexo do Alemão slums. Authorities also insist that evictions, when deemed necessary, abide by the law, with families receiving compensation and new housing.

'No one is resettled if not for a very important reason,' said Jorge Bittar, the head of Rio’s housing authority.

But some favela residents accuse the authorities of contributing to already considerable inequalities. Brazil’s economic boom has led to evictions around the country, sometimes independent of the Games. In city after city, favela residents often do not learn their homes could be razed until they are literally marked for removal."

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