The Cyber Issue Is Now Available

Cyber realities are changing faster than many people can keep up with. The latest issue of Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs offers sober analysis on how cyber will influence global security, governance, and communications.

The Cyber Issue features many leaders in the field. Heather Brooke, a professor and award-winning journalist, goes inside the digital revolution. Oxford’s Philip N. Howard and his coauthors investigate whether social media helps or harms civic engagement. Stanford’s Herbert Lin writes the definitive account of the attribution problem. Benjamin Dean writes an overdue evaluation of national cybersecurity strategies, and the manager of the strategic intelligence and forecasting arm of FireEye, Christopher Porter, analyzes strategic deception.

Columbia’s Jason Healey provides a non-state strategy for saving cyberspace, while Rob Knake and Adam Segal from the Council on Foreign Relations detail how the United States can contain China in cyberspace. We also interview Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Richard A. Clarke, Sorin Ducaru, Kim Zetter, and Glenn Greenwald. And plenty more.

To buy a copy or subscribe to the journal, please contact Sheridan Press at [email protected] or +1 717 632 3535. The Cyber Issue is also available in bookstores and on Kindle.