Andrew Wellington Cordier Essay

Andrew Wellington Cordier became the dean of the School of International Affairs (as it was known then) in 1962 following a distinguished career at the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations. From 1969−1970, he served as president of Columbia University. The Andrew Wellington Cordier Contest is open to all currently enrolled Columbia University students. Find out more about the contest here.

The National Security Implications of Climate Change: Redefining Threats, Bolstering Budgets, and Mobilizing the Arctic

Introduction Climate change heightens national security threats for states, and in particular, changes the calculus for the world’s superpower, the United States. The United States continues to be...

Shattering the Highest and Hardest Glass Ceiling, Once and For All: How the 2020 Election Can Change Governance in the U.S. and Beyond

Introduction Nearly one hundred years since obtaining the right to vote, women in America have steadily seen hard-fought gains in political representation. Yet the highest office in the land, the...

Fueling Oil Scarcity: Produced Scarcity and the Sociopolitical Fate of Renewable Energy

Oil anxieties usually stem from fears about running out of oil, but the true oil scourge of the past is overabundance. Oilmen conceal their oil in order to maintain profits and manipulate their...

The Role of Diasporas in Conflict

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Civil Society as Domestication: Egyptian and Tunisian Uprisings Beyond Liberal Transitology

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Agropolis: The Role of Urban Agriculture in Addressing Food Insecurity in Developing Countries

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Calderón’s War

In September 2006, barely a month after Felipe Calderón was elected as Mexico’s president, narco thugs in Michoacán dumped five severed heads onto a dance floor in Uruapan, one of the state’s main...

The Failed Divorce of Serbia’s Government and Organized Crime

“Here is the question—still unanswered—who are the masterminds behind Duca, Legija, and Zveki? Although some politicians have hinted and part of the public is convinced they exist,...