Breaking Point: Protests and Revolutions in the 21st Century

Vol. 68, No. 1 - Fall/Winter - 2014

The Struggle for Bahrain – A Photo Essay of Demonstrations and Civil Conflict

By Ahmed Humaidan, Hussain Hubail, Sayed Ahmed al-Mousawi

Social Movements and Governments in the Digital Age: Evaluating a Complex Landscape

By Zeynep Tufekci

Living Through Revolution: A View from an Apartment in Ukraine

By Lydia Tomkiw

The Far-reaching Impacts of the Arab Spring

By Yohann Ripert

The Russian State Strikes Back: The Relevance of the State to Civil Society in Russia

By Irina V. Soboleva

On the Prospects of World Order

By Bryan Griffin

Turkey Rising: Increasing Confidence in Times of Conflict

By Andrew Burns

Civil Society as Domestication: Egyptian and Tunisian Uprisings Beyond Liberal Transitology

By Niklas Plaetzer

The Bolivarian Spring: What are the Possibilities for Regime Change in Venezuela?

By Gustavo Adolfo Vargas Victoria

Voices of Protest — Interviews with Student Protesters in Ukraine, Turkey, and Venezuela

By The Journal of International Affairs

Reporting Behind Bars — An Interview with Mohammed Al Oraibi

By The Journal of International Affairs

Prospects For Peace: Negotiations with FARC — An Interview with Alexandra Nariño

By The Journal of International Affairs

The Possibility of Global Data Sets — An Interview with Kalev Leetaru

By The Journal of International Affairs

Hong Kong Demands Democracy — An Interview with Michael Davis

By The Journal of International Affairs

A Changing Media Landscape in Turkey: The 140journos Project — An Interview with Burcu Baykurt

By The Journal of International Affairs

Crackdown: The Harsh Realities of Nonviolent Protests in the Bahraini Civil Conflict

By Maryam Al-Khawaja

The Politics of International Sanctions: The 2014 Coup in Thailand

By Pavin Chachavalpongpun

South Sudan: Governance Arrangements, War, and Peace

By Jenik Radon, Sarah Logan

The Energy-Insurgency Revolution Nexus: An Introduction to Issues and Policy Options

By Paul Sullivan

A Requiem for the Arab Development Model

By Adeel Malik

Participatory Democracy’s Moment

By Francesca Polletta

Democratization and Women’s Political Leadership in North Africa

By Valentine M. Moghadam

Digital Infrastructure Politics and Internet Freedom Stakeholders after the Arab Spring

By Muzammil M. Hussain

Drones for Good: Technological Innovations, Social Movements, and the State

By Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick