Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs is pleased to announce the subject of its Fall/Winter 2019 Issue: “Climate Change,” which will explore the widespread and catastrophic impacts on humanity, as well as potential, innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change. 


Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs is pleased to announce the subject of its Spring/Summer 2019 Issue: “Dynamics of Global Feminism"

Relevant topics may include but are not limited to: 

  • Feminist international relations theory 
  • Recent growth in feminist movements and their political power
  • Populist movements' impact on the political power of feminism 
  • Globalization's effects on feminist movements 

Submissions are due 4 March, 2019.



Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs Fall/Winter 2018 issue is focused on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which will examine the effect of technology on the future of work and subsequent societal and institutional changes. The Journal is seeking essay submissions from GPPN and Columbia University students to accompany this issue. Up to two winners will receive a $500 prize in addition to publication of the winning essays.


Why did you get involved in the Journal?

I sought out an opportunity with the Journal because I was interested in scholarship and wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of the editing and academic journal production process. I was also drawn to the Journal’s prestigious reputation, and I knew the opportunity at JIA would help me grow. 


Why did you get involved in the Journal

I knew I wanted to be involved in the Journal from day one, my application even included reference to JIA. I love writing and scholarship and the opportunity to build something; all of those things found themselves in one place at JIA so it was a natural fit. 

What was your role on the Journal, what did that entail?


The Columbia Journal of International Affairs is thrilled to release its Fall/Winter 2017 issue: THE DEMOCRACY ISSUE