Richard Gowan

Richard Gowan is the Research Director at the New York University Center on International Cooperation. He is also a Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. He is the overall editor of the Annual Review of Global Peace Operations, the leading source of data and analysis on military and civilian crisis management missions, which he helped launch in 2006. He has also written on the European Union’s role in state-building, cooperation between the EU and the United Nations and multilateral human rights diplomacy. At the Center on International Cooperation, he works closely with the UN departments of peacekeeping operations and political affairs. He has broadcast widely and written for numerous newspapers, websites and academic journals and writes a weekly column (“Diplomatic Fallout”) for World Politics Review. He is currently working on a book about the international response to the Syrian conflict and its lessons for future crisis management initiatives.

End Times Diplomacy at the UN?

In her last days at the UN, Samantha Power practiced "end times diplomacy" in anticipation of President Trump but Nikki Haley has followed Power's diplomatic playbook. Editor's Note: This piece...