The Journal of International Affairs

Energy Prices and European Energy Security: An Interview with Ambassador Richard Morningstar

Journal of International Affairs: What are the reasons behind declining energy prices? Is it a fundamental change in the supply side or is it just because of a temporary market move? Ambassador...

Actors in Forced Migration: An Interview with Kelly Greenhill

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Define American: An Interview with Jose Antonio Vargas

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Rising Tides: An Interview with Aunese and Sunema Simati

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Eighty Thousand Entry Points: An Interview with Antje Missbach

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What Remained of the Revolution—Photos from Ukraine, May 2014

February 2014 marked the escalation of Ukraine's Euromaidan Revolution—police using live ammunition killed scores and injured hundreds of protestors on 20 February, and former Ukrainian...

Voices of Protest — Interviews with Student Protesters in Ukraine, Turkey, and Venezuela

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Reporting Behind Bars — An Interview with Mohammed Al Oraibi

Journal of International Affairs: Can you describe the circumstances under which you were detained? Al Oraibi: I became a photographer ten years ago. Since the protests started in 2010 and 2011, it...